What are Schumann Resonances?

Higher Schumann resonances let us assume, that we are living in the great time of “awakening” predicted in the ancient prophecies.

Schumann Resonances are often mentioned on esoteric and spiritual websites. There we read sentences like:
“The goal is to transform the dense, controlling reality we experience so that people are united in a love-based higher consciousness while still existing in physical bodies.”
“This enables the physical body to vibrate harmoniously with the planetary frequency and to have a healthy flow of energy in the body that prevents aging and illness”.
“Some researchers believe that it is precisely this ability of the human brain to emit the Schumann frequency that influences local weather conditions. If enough people meditated at one place, an enormous amount of Schumann frequency would be emitted locally. and could actually influence local weather patterns.

Let us now find out what the Schumann resonances are and how we can use them for our inner harmony.

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Zufälle, nichts als Zufälle

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