Facebook’s censorship

This article is about Facebook’s censorship in general and especially about obstructing businesses of online marketers. Users of this social media site start to walk off.

Political  mainstream and the social media site Facebook

While mainstream media serve the same old stories and withhold systematically relevant news, we got an overview of what happened in the world by reading news from qualified authors on Facebook in the past.

The truth about censorship on the social media site Facebook.

However, I observe that Facebook is more and more censoring posts of qualified authors. Such censored posts just disappear from the timeline. Some authors are blocked for up to 30 days. It seems that influential circles are forcing Facebook to allow only posts in line with official US government policies. It is unbearable, to see how this important social media decays to a pure propaganda instrument. Under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), things will even worsen.

Facebook is hampering communication with online marketers

Facebook  does also hamper communication among online marketers and online marketers with prospects. Discussing about products, services and affiliate programs requires a link that points to the respective service or product. Such links are called affiliate link or referral link. The FB guidelines qualify such links as spam. This is an arrogance and very wrong.

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Spamming is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Spamming is a matter of quantity. However, Facebook qualifies a certain kind of links as spam, even when the link only appears once in context of an interesting discussion. This is unprofessional, very wrong and in my eyes even malicious.

How can we deal with this unpleasant situation?

There are several options. Many users of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site have meanwhile opened an account on the Russian social media site https://VK.com. It is sad to say that there is less censorship on VK.com and more freedom of speech than on Facebook. Things have changed a lot since the old days of the former Soviet Union.

Another approach to the problem is writing a blog article. It’s a viable way to put the affiliate link inside that article and share the article on FB. 

Not even buying a promotion helps. We have to publish the post prior to promoting it. However, Facebook will block the post as spam because of the referral link. Therefore, I stopped promoting on FB.

When I see an interesting article, I take a screenshot of it and note the URL. Like this, I can check, if the article is still there after a while or censored. Articles get more often censored when they are written from a point of view criticizing globalism.



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