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How do we have to classify Wikipedia politically?

At Wikipedia you have to be careful. The online encyclopedia is valuable when you want to look up what the capital of Bolivia is called. Or how photosynthesis works. But in terms of geo-strategy, that is, when it comes to war and peace, Wikipedia is not neutral. It is mostly on NATO line. It seems to me that this important online encyclopedia has mutated into a transatlantic propagana machine.

bran washed
Brain washed by the transatlantic propaganda machine.

How is Wikipedia organized?

In order to rely on the knowledge of Wikipedia, there is a corrective behind the database, which checks changes of all users before the activation. The purpose of this structure behind the site is that the database remains neutral and scientifically correct. Is neutrality really guaranteed?

Can Wikipedia be trusted?

In the natural sciences, the online encyclopedia is definitely a source that can be described as exemplary. However, when it comes to current affairs or people who deal with current affairs, Wikipedia is always biased when articles that deal with, for example, terrorism, deviate from the mainstream. Whenever a scholarly work in the analysis runs counter to a US world view, only the view of the US organization is published in Wikipedia. The author of the alternative view, in turn, quickly receives an entry as a conspiracy theorist or is listed along with Holocaust deniers.
[Source: KenFM]

surveillance and control.
Surveillance and control.

The dark side of Wikipedia

Bullying against critics of the US worldview serves to slander and has system. The filmmakers Markus Fiedler and Frank-Michael Speer prove in their documentation “The dark side of Wikipedia” that behind the structure of the German-language Wikipedia a special group of people, who have made it to the task or were possibly commissioned, discredit any critics of the US politics. The achievement of the two filmmakers is above all to unmask the anonymous guards. Here is the link to their video in German language.
[Source: KenFM]

However, also the English version of the knowledge database is manipulated. The following video explains just one example of cencorship. It seems to me that Wikipedia became an instrument of the Agenda 21 of neoliberalism. One of the goals of this Agenda 21 is reducing human kind to 500 millions.

How the transatlantic propaganda machine further manipulates internet users

Youtube will now set up Wikipedia links to your alternative news videos. Youtube pretends this is to fight fake news. However, the way part of Wikipedia is edited makes us doubt that such links to Wikipedia are really helpful. On the contrary, it seems that neocons are trying to put their point of view in front of the eyes of the clueless internet user. This kind of information manipulation brings the restrictive conditions of the former Soviet Union to mind.

The article about censorship on Facebook shows more examples of manipulation and restrictions of the freedom of speech by the US government.

The  video below reveals, how to suppress a certain point of view on Wikipedia using unfair methods of cyber-bullying. From stories of many affected editors we know that such suppression of  certain points of views happen often. Imagine that  infuential circles managed to gain a majority of the Wikipedia administrator jobs and misuse their power. The biased presentation of political  topics on Wikipedia supports such a conclusion.


Personally, I think that Wikipedia has long since been infiltrated and become an instrument of the transatlantic propaganda. As the first video shows, not even profound scientific  basic findings can be published when they are against the Agenda 21. Times have changed since the old days of the former Soviet Union. Nowadays, Russian social media provide much more freedom of speech than the manipulated and censored media in our western hemisphere.

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