Social Media are applications that enable people to share content, thoughts, ideas or just private information with each other.

Social Media is the backbone of modern communication

Social Media connects people from all over the world.

Social Media brings people from all over the world together. Social Media is an internet-based technology making sharing of thoughts, ideas and information easy. Social media makes it possible to form large networks that exchange news, stories and private information. Social Media gives users the ability of quick electronic communication. Originally, people used Social Media for communication with friends and family. However, nowadays also businesses take advantage of this popular communication method.

Mobile Marketing is far more specific

Social Media apps on smartphones and tablet computers are widely used for marketing purposes. Creation and exchange of user-generated content can assist companies with marketing research and relationship development. Mobile social media differ from other forms of social media as they provide the current location of the user. This enables companies to send specific messages that match the current location and time.

Great messages spread virally

On some social media networks, fun content and content of high relevance can spread virally. The term is an analogy to the concept of viral infections, which can spread rapidly from person to person (Wikipedia).

Great messages spread world-wide virally.

Content goes viral when users share and reshare it. Such a viral post can spread like wildfire! Of course, every marketer is dreaming about creating an ad that spreads virally.

Start your own Social Network!

With Instengine, you can start your own social network.

Such a social network can deepen the relationship with customers. This solution is therefore tailored to companies.

They know everything about you

Data mining is spying on your data.

Yes, you are more than just naked in social media. Social Media Mining is a kind of data mining. Data mining is a process of extracting and analyzing patterns from data collected from user’s activities on social media.

Google is probably world champion in spying on its users. They even use an algorithm in Gmail to analyze the information in your emails. By the help of this information, they will show you a certain type of advertisements when you use Gmail. Facebook collaborates with data mining companies. Facebook uses this bought customer information for targeted advertising. Ethical questions about “big data” are on the table. There are open questions about privacy and surveillance when a company collects user data. How are user data handled and how will the company use their data?  

Are you sure, you communicate with a real person?

Social bots and Cyborgs are taking over.

Companies have found ways to reach increased audiences. They simplify social marketing with the use of social bots.

Bots are automated software. They are programmed to mimic natural human interactions. Bots like, follow, unfollow and even comment on social media platforms.

A completely new industry was created. And an analytical crises in the marketing industry too. It is difficult to tell the difference between actions of real people and automated bot interactions.

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