Higher Schumann resonances let us assume, that we are living in the great time of “awakening” predicted in the ancient prophecies.

Schumann Resonances are often mentioned on esoteric and spiritual websites. There we read sentences like:
“The goal is to transform the dense, controlling reality we experience so that people are united in a love-based higher consciousness while still existing in physical bodies.”
“This enables the physical body to vibrate harmoniously with the planetary frequency and to have a healthy flow of energy in the body that prevents aging and illness”.
“Some researchers believe that it is precisely this ability of the human brain to emit the Schumann frequency that influences local weather conditions. If enough people meditated at one place, an enormous amount of Schumann frequency would be emitted locally. and could actually influence local weather patterns.

Let us now find out what the Schumann resonances are and how we can use them for our inner harmony.

The success of an indian rain dance

Indigenous peoples are often at the mercy of the raging nature. In the course of thousands of years they have thought up various things to appease the weather gods. Are these ancient rituals mere superstition or can they be scientifically substantiated?

Is the rainfall in Brazil enough to arm the parched land against new fires? For months the devastating forest fires in the northeast of Brazil have been raging, when finally the first raindrops of rain fell. For the Yanomami Indians this is not unexpected: Only four hours before the first thick drops of rain, they had tried to propitiate the weather gods with traditional “rain dances”. Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, the chief of an Indian tribe in the region of Demini, proudly tells that they have already practiced the ritual against the blaze three times – with success.
Der Tagespiegel of April 1st, 1998

The Australian aborigines, the so-called aborigines, intuitively felt electromagnetic fields on earth. Their trails are geomantic energy lines that run through their land, connecting sacred sites such as trees, mountains and lakes. Geomantic energy lines can be scientifically proven. In some places on the earth’s surface there are anomalies of gravity or earth magnetism. Trees have been shown to be good antennas for magnetic fields.
Spirit-Portal of Semptember 6, 2015.

Rain dance.

What does the success of such a rain dance have to do with the Schumann resonances?

Nobody knows whether the often observed success of such rain dances is a coincidence or a deliberate influence on nature. However, several researchers believe that there is a connection between the earth resonance frequency, the so-called Schumann frequency, and the actions of the indigenous people. Many people believe the Schumann frequency refers to naturally occurring waves of 7.83 hertz that travel around the earth and influence the weather and the mood of people.

What are Schumann resonances in reality?

The German physicist and electrical engineer Winfried Otto Schumann claimed that the ionosphere – it is part of the Earth’s atmosphere – forms a cavity resonator, so that standing electromagnetic waves are created with certain resonance frequencies. He investigated this phenomenon, taking into account damping and excitation of the resonances by lightning, in a series of articles in the years 1952 to 1957.

Purely mathematically, the basic resonance frequency at the speed of light : circumference of the earth, i.e. 300,000 km/s : 40,000 km = 7.5 Hz. From a measurement-related point of view, the phenomenon of Schumann resonance proves to be extremely complex. The electrical and magnetic components of very weak low-frequency natural fields must be determined.

Schumann resonances are standing-waves between the Earth surface and the ionosphere.
Schumann resonances.

The atmosphere surrounding the globe is limited by the ionosphere at the transition to space. The ionosphere essentially consists of three layers (D, E, F-layer). The lowest layer (D) lies at an altitude of about 80 km and forms the upper boundary layer of the atmosphere. The earth’s surface represents the lower boundary layer. Ionosphere and earth’s surface are electrically conductive media. The negatively charged earth surface(mostly salt water) forms the minus pole and the positively charged ionosphere the plus pole of a huge spherical capacitor. In between is the air envelope as the insulating layer of the capacitor.

These resonance waves were named after him as Schumann resonances and were experimentally proven in 1960. Resonant waves are also called standing-waves because they do not move and remain stable in the same place. Four Schuhmann frequencies are known. The lowest is 7.83Hz and the corresponding harmonics are 14.28Hz, 20.40Hz and 25.20Hz.

The following video explains the phenomenon of standing waves in a visual and comprehensible way.

Explanation of the standing wave in a simple experiment.

How are these resonant waves generated?

These electromagnetic standing-waves are created by lightnings worldwide. The amplitude of the Schumann resonances does not / hardly / already change and is larger when the ionospheric plasma is excited. The excitation of the ionospheric plasma is due to solar activity, temporal, the use of plasma scalar weapons, mobile phone networks radiation, and more recently also when the plasma anomaly is compensated by external intervention.

When you hit a bell, it makes a ringing sound. Each bell has a different tone. The earth is no different. Lightning strikes around the globe make earth ring, just like a bell. Since life began, Earth has been protecting all living things with a natural frequency of 7.83 Hz.

The Schumann frequencies and human consciousness.

The ancient Rishis Indians called the frequency of 7.83Hz OM. It is also the natural rhythm of Mother Earth.

Cosmic rays, sunspot numbers and Schumann resonances have an influence on humans heart rythms.

The weather has an effect on our moods. So do the Schumann frequencies. But it is of course nonsense that we could influence these physical events with the concentrated power of our thoughts. But of course we can influence other people through positive thoughts and meditating on OM calms us down and makes us peaceful. In this sense, this frequency of 7.83Hz is very important for our moods. And if somebody thinks that he can influence the electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, it doesn’t do any harm and it gives him the feeling of having done something good.

The pure 7.83 Hz sound, the heartbeat of mother Earth.

Since the frequency of 7.83Hz is a super-deep sound, meditation music often uses other frequencies, which ideally are modulated with the frequency of 7.83Hz. These harmonics are14.3 Hz, 20.8 Hz, 27.3 Hz, 33.8 Hz, 83Hz, 417Hz, 432Hz and 512Hz.

I love this OM singing the most:

The OM chant brings us into harmony with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

It is an interesting experiment to listen to the OM chanting of the Tibetan monks, and then switch in the 7.83 Hz sound from the Earth’s OM video with that super-deep 7.83 Hz sound. It makes it clear that the monks are really chanting the harmonics of the 7.83 Hz sound, the heartbeat of mother Earth. Both videos at the same time amplify the soothing influence, the harmony with the Earth and enable us to concentrate much more intensely.

From a spiritual and metaphysical point of view, increasing the frequency of the physical body means that the higher the frequency, the less dense the reality that man experiences. The goal is to transform the dense, controlling reality we experience so that people are united in a love-based higher consciousness even while they exist in physical bodies. This can only be achieved by releasing the respective energetic blockages of the past and childhood that prevent one from creating a recurring illusion of density and illness in physical reality. This allows the physical body to vibrate in harmony with the planetary frequency and to have a healthy flow of energy in the body that prevents aging and illness.

Why do the great powers want to influence the Schumann resonances? HAARP.

Will be continued

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